Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What'd you do for spring break?

As for us, we went to lovely, exciting, exotic Claremore, OK. :-) The first day out of school, we drove up the 20 minutes to Claremore intending to go to the arms museum (largest in the world. pretty cool historical stuff.), but we ended up being there all day long. We went to the museum, and the boys climbed onto the tank out front. They got a tad bored by the 1400th shotgun, even if it did belong to Jesse James, so we ran to the gourmet eatery in town...Quik Trip (gas station for those of you not familiar with QT). We had the most awful snack known to man. Slushes, really bad iced tea, hotdogs with cheese, nachos... Especially gross when from a convenience store. (Although, I find that I'm like a kid when it comes to self serve food. There's just something fun about getting your bun out of the steamer below, using the tongs to get your hotdog, etc.)

Then we went to Swan Dairy and watched them milk the cows and got 2 gallons of milk and some cheese.

On our way home, we stopped at an apparently famous landmark along historical Rte. 66: the Blue Whale. Okay, it's a mom's worst nightmare, a kid's paradise, and a nostalgic thing all rolled into one. It apparently used to be a swimming hole/pond, and the rotting dock and platform in the center of the pond look like they might have been fun in their day...1950ish. The whale area is still intact, although I'd say the dock boards are placed a tad too far apart.

But what gets me is the fact that this place is falling down, but it's not kid-proofed at all. Imagine the liability! Now, half of me thinks, "Ahh, a place in America without stupid warnings that you may get wet if you jump off the dock" or similar. But the mom in me with two very active little boys thinks, "Holy crap! There are two slides that they could totally go down into the frigid nasty water, not to mention the ladder up to the attic area with the not-so-stable flooring!" Parenting is rough, I tell you!
Our battery died at this point, but the place looks like it was cute way back when. There are tables made out of the same concrete stuff, and stools/seats in the shapes of whales. Maybe we'll come back in the summer and have a picnic.

That's the extent of our spring break vacationing. The rest of the week was spent playing with cousins; spending far too much time on the TV, Nintendo DS, and computer; riding bikes in the park with Mom, etc. But it sure is good to be back at school again! Other than waking up in the dark. Not fun.