Monday, June 09, 2008

Par 5-Socks

Youch! Over a month since my last post! Where has the time gone? I'm working on some wholesale items to sell at our LYS and on Etsy, so along with that, the house, the boys being home from school, knitting, working on binkwaffle...well, 'nuff said.

Here's a sock I started Friday. I love it! It's so simple but has a neat look at the same time. Looks way more complicated (to a non-knitter, especially) than it really is. Great for the ADHD we all have in us; every 3 to 7 rows, there's a twist, but it's always the same twist, and the rest is k2p2 for the most part, so that keeps it simple.

I took this pattern here and followed it other than for the heel. I had to work the heel flap back and forth, so most of my cable twist rows were done on the back side. Not cool. But not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. I do almost everything in the round if I can help it, steeking it if I have to, so I think this is the first time I've had to cable on the purl side. A new feather to stick in my cap. :-)

I love this yarn. It's Auracania's Ranco sock yarn. It's nicely variegated without being too drastic a color change. And while it's not merino and is 75% wool/ 25%polyamide, it's not nearly as rough as so many other sock yarns, and it softens up considerably when washed a time or two, too.

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