Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back in the saddle again....

I guess I need to change the name of my blog, since I don't just knit. I started scrapbooking again this week after almost a year's hiatus. Ouch. That's what happens when your already-precious time is suddenly consumed with a new hobby like knitting. Time to taper off and do some of both.

My parents are visiting next week, so I'm feverishly finishing up my mom's Grandmother's Calendar that she usually gets each Christmas (hanging my head in shame) and my dad's retirement album (he retired 1.5 years ago). Time to get those darn monkeys off my back!

So off I got o journal some more for Dad's album. A glutton for punishment, I used the military alphabet (he retired from the Air Force) that he and I used to send each other letters in. So that means 26 pages of content! Aah! What was I thinking? Oh, well. It's pretty impressive, being so detailed. Never mind that it's YEARS late! Hey, he's still retired, isn't he? :-)

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