Monday, February 27, 2006

If I were an Olympic Sport....

You Are Curling

What you lack in athleticism, you make up for in concentration.

And while curling isn't much more of a sport than bowling, you *can* win a gold medal for it!

Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I do NOTHING athletic if I can help it. I technically don't mind athletic things as far as the work involved, getting hot and sweaty, etc., if everything lines up just right first. You know, things like drive, finding a sport I actually enjoy, finding time, finding a sitter, having the right clothes so I don't feel like a cow while I'm huffing and puffing with all the size 0 athletes in the room, etc. Therefore, it doesn't happen often. Every week starts out with (and sometimes ends with) "Okay, starting tomorrow: salads. And walking around the park (6 houses away from us) no matter how cold/hot it is outside." Then another week goes by. Occasionally I'll get one of the two things accomplished, but salad's only so helpful once you wash it down with a 32 oz. Coke.
So I'm not surprised by the outcome of this test. I wish I'd gotten to see the curling events. We got rid of our cable for a few months so we could get some other financial things taken care of, and it happened right before the Olympics. Dangit. There's just something frustrating about watching the NBC highlights on a TV with bad reception that makes you long for the digital cable you just relinquished and makes you turn off the TV and start your own countdown to the Montreal Olympics, by which time you'll finally have cable back again and can watch any number of sports channels and see the sports you want to see. And of course WHEN you want to see them, thanks to your DVR.

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