Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Benadryl and Babysitting Don't Mix

Sunday afternoon, I took Aric with me to the Y and to Barnes & Noble to let Brad and Aidan take a nap on the living room floor. Brad had taken Benadryl for a rash he developed from a medication he was on, and apparently he fell asleep but Aidan didn't. When we got home two hours later, Brad was asleep in the living room and Aidan was hiding under his bed munching on a half-eaten cucumber. That meant that he'd gone into the kitchen, dragged a chair over to the refrigerator, climbed up to reach the produce drawer (our fridge has a bottom mount freezer), gotten back down, put the chair away (merely to cover his tracks, not to put things back where they belong, of course. Clean up? What's that?), climbed under his bed in his room (a feat in itself, since the thing is only about 8 inches off the floor), and ate away. All while Daddy snored away in the living room.

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