Monday, July 30, 2007

Technology, how do I love thee???

Oh, my gosh! What an awesome thing technology is! On our trip to Seattle, the boys were mesmerized by Dora, the Wonder Pets, and Diego as we flew in the plane, drove all over creation, and waited in the car for Mommy to run into a store or two. The Nintendo DS's are at the top of the "to buy" list now that their new friends August and Hazel introduced them to the modern-day answer to the handheld Atari games I had as a kid. Three of those games kept five kids quiet and in their seats for an entire rehearsal dinner, at least an hour and a half long. And during the reception, too! If only we'd remembered one of the two for the wedding ceremony, then Brad would have gotten to see his brother get married.*

*Note to wedding planners: when you have out of town guests, especially, plan something for children who don't know a living soul in the city (or state, for that matter) whom we can hire (and trust) for babysitting!!! I had childcare at my wedding and have NEVER seen it since. What gives? Brides, take note, too! And if you don't provide anything, don't shut the door on the groom's brother when he has to take his 3 year old just outside the door partway through the wedding.

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