Saturday, August 11, 2007

How to Raise Money for a New Car, Idea #112

The PGA tournament is here in Tulsa this week. As we're driving along next to the golf club, dodging the pedestrians walking through the August Tulsa inferno to the country club entrance, Aric (fixated on buying a new minivan/SUV so that we can carry more of his friends around with him) asks me this:

Aric: Mom, what's that?

Me: It's the golf tournament. The best golfers in the world come here and play against each other. The one who wins gets all kinds of money, prizes, etc. And he gets to say he's the best golfer in the world for a year until someone else beats him.

Aric: I want to do that someday...(long pause)...Mom, is Dad a good golfer?

Me: (picturing Brad's dad's dusty golf clubs in our garage) Uh, no.

Aric: (sigh) I wish he was. Then we could get a new car.

Good luck on that one, buddy! I think we'd better come up with a better plan for a car!

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