Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yay! Fall is in the air!

Okay, maybe not literally. Maybe it's still hot (it hit 97 degrees again today), but the temperatures are gradually dropping (ever so slightly), the boys are back in school and loving it, and I have time now to overhaul my home's closets and stashes, and I have time to develop my company binkwaffle more than I've been able to all summer. I'm excited!

I'm fighting the sharp pain just below my shoulder blade as I move my mouse and type this, trying desperately to get some more cards done for the site, trying to ignore the sign that I should be in bed instead of working. Alas, I can ignore it no longer, so the rest will have to wait. But I'm excited about getting the word out about binkwaffle, and I've come up with some products that will cater to everyone (well, almost everyone), not just pregnant women wanting to announce the birth of their babies. Broadening my customer base, I am! So stay tuned for more products the next couple of weeks.

If you know anyone having a baby or with kids or who even know kids, let them know about binkwaffle for me! Free shipping on the announcements, and they're fun and modern, something that's surprisingly hard to find. Good for me! :-)

I leave you with two new cards; the first is my style. The second is a stretch, but I'm trying to stay modern yet out of my own personal taste, in order to appeal to more people. Variety is the key, right?

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