Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the needles....

Here's my eternally long project, the Rowan butterfly dress. I bought the dyeable yarn from Knit Picks in the spring, had to reorder it when it never arrived, dyed it and hated it, overdyed it with red and like it, and then promptly realized that I was very incompetent when it came to lace. They say this is a hard pattern, the fringe, anyway. I'll stick to that story. Anyway, I'm finally on to the dress itself after knitting two layers of fringe lace. It's not nearly this pink, but I have decided that it will get another dunking in the red dye when it's done. That'll make the overall dress a darker salmony red, while the fringe lace that you see in the lefthand corner will be more like the dress color is now. Don't dye only half a skein of yarn for a camisole then decide to switch to a dress instead. Recipe for disaster, or panic at the very least.

Here's my second attempt at knitting something out of the luscious Suss Love yarn that Brad bought me for Valentine's Day. I started on the Simple Knitted Bodice Sweater and ripped out the WHOLE thing when I realized it wasn't my cup of tea, and I wasn't planning on gaining 20 pounds anytime soon. When a sweater seems too big, don't keep knitting! Get out a tape measure and measure the thing! So this is a typical bottom-up raglan with slightly flared sleeves. We'll see how it turns out eventually.

Then we have the baby socks I'm knitting out of the super soft merino/silk blend from Knit Picks. I dyed this, too. Don't ask what I used; I already forget. Some combination of Koolaid and Wilton dyes. It's really pretty, though. Very shiny with the silk. The rest of the skein was a pair of socks until last night, when I frogged them because they were too big. Trying again now.

And then comes the pair of socks I'm knitting for Brad. I hate the yarn, but one can't just go out and replace it for free, so I'm still plugging away at them. I used Cascade Fixation, a cotton and nylon (?) blend. Nubby, cottony, not my favorite. Oh, well. I'll make him some wool ones next. He wanted socks, and all the LYS had was girly sock yarn or ugly sock yarn, so I took a chance on the Fixation. Nah.

Note that the top sock has a significantly shorter length of toe. Yeah. Great. I thought I was all done, grafted the toe, and looked down, and lo and behold, they were two different sizes. Crap. More to do on the hated yarn.

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