Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Knitting WIPs

Seeing as how this is a knitting blog first and foremost, maybe I should get back to some knitting posts. I've got several works in progress and several more in my mind. I tried so hard to stick to just one thing at a time, but it really helps to have different things going at once. It breaks up the monotony of hundreds of rows of stockinette on a single-colored sweater. It gives the hands a rest from the thousands of tiny stitches in a sock. It gives the brain a rest from the frustrating memorization (0r lack thereof) of a lace pattern. Yep, multitasking is great.
Okay, I'll take some pictures today of my knitting. Although, the Christmas presents will have to remain enigmatic or absent from the photo lineup. You know, in case the two people who read my blog are recipients of any said presents.

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