Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So close I can taste it!

I'm almost done! Finally! After knitting the body twice, I'm ready to be done. Although, it's supposed to be 89 degrees today, so I guess I can't wear the sweater anyway. Boo hoo. But the rain's supposed to come tonight and cool the temperatures down to the 60s for the weekend, so maybe I can wear this one evening or to church, where it's always cold in the A/C.
I'm done with three of the 15 decreases, so I'm going to work like crazy when the boys go down for a nap this afternoon. It's "Mom's time" when they do; no housework, no bills, nada. My version of sleeping when the baby sleeps. LOL That and a sanity saver.
I'll post pictures of the sweater this evening. Here's hoping it will be on me for the pictures!

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